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Unclaimed Freight Furniture

Unclaimed Freight Mission

Unclaimed Freight Furniture was founded in 1971 by Jerry Tucker after he returned home from serving in the Vietnam War.

Jerry originally converted an old run down gas station into the store, so he could provide for his family, and thus began his life as an independent businessman.

While this took a toll on his life, Jerry was always hands on, selling to the consumers, making deliveries and still running the business to keep the prices low!!!

Life wasn’t easy those first 6 years, and now, during this economic crisis, we are still offering QUALITY FURNITURE at DISCOUNTED PRICES!

A little about us...

Our goal is to have the highest quality, the newest designs, and the most satisfying service available.

Over the past 38 years Unclaimed Freight Discount Furniture in Lithonia has grown from a small little furniture store on the corner of Panola and Covington Highway into a well known establishment throughout the South Eastern United States!

Unclaimed Freight is able to maintain a strong and dedicated American workforce in an industry experiencing extreme pressure by overseas competition.

Hard work and attention to detail continue to be our key ingredients in remaining a strong United States of America furniture store, providing American made furniture to our Atlanta and surrounding area customers.